How To Make A Good Website

The Checklist

How to make a good website.

Every business wants to have a website that ranks high in search engines and offers their online visitors a great user experience with good content. It sounds so simple, right? Well, one thing some business owners fail to recognize are the steps needed to get there. In this blog post, we are going to provide you with a checklist with the minimum requirements on how to build a good website.

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1) Create a site map

Creating a site map is the first thing you should do when building a website. It is so important to be organized and have a vision of the road map to your website. Your sitemap will let you know exactly what pages need to be created and the type of content those pages will require. You will also need to index a copy of your site map to the search engines to help contribute to ranking higher for keywords related to your industry. A site map will keep you on track and organized.

2) Choose a CMS

First off, what does CMS stand for? CMS is an acronym for content management system. A CMS is used to manage the content on your website. Whether you are adding text, images, videos or other elements to your website, you will use your content management system to make those changes or additions to your website. In addition to managing the content, a CMS can be used to style and customize the appearance of your website. There are dozens and dozens of different CMSs used around the word. At Seed Visual, our talented designers and developers prefer to use WordPress as our platform because of its intuitiveness ability to create a completely customized website with custom solutions for our clients needs.

3) Design a layout

The layout of your website is crucial to how the users experience will be (we will get to that next). In today’s world of web design, we see various techniques, layouts, and overall designs catered to specific industries or brands. The goal of any website should be to have a customized experience designed specifically for your ideal customer. This strategy will increase your conversion rate turning online visitors into customers.

4) Create a user experience with content

Content is king… especially when it comes to how your users are going to engage in your website. Your layout could be amazing and very well organized, but if your content isn’t exciting, informative, easy to digest and targeted directly to your ideal audience, you will find yourself not getting the most out of your website. Your website should have calls to action placed appropriately throughout your content to maximize your ability to capture leads. A great online user experience will keep your customers coming back and following all your latest news creating brand loyalty.

5) Search Engine Optimization – SEO

One of the most important points on our checklist is SEO. SEO refers to search engine optimization which lets Google and other search engines know what information is on your website. It is important to optimize your site with relevant industry keywords so your brand is showing up at the top of the search engines. It is important to optimize all the technical aspects of your website, too. Organic traffic typically brings the most valuable traffic to your site so it is important to make sure it is optimized correctly.


Building a good website takes time. If you are ready to take the next step in developing a new site or redesigning your current site, make sure to reference this checklist. This checklist provides the minimum required steps needed to have a good website. For any questions on how to build a good website or general information about our services, please contact us by clicking the button below.

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