Ford Mustang Mach E First Impressions

The future of mobility is officially here.

Ford Mustang Mach E

I think it is fair to say that a new viable electric option is finally here! Well almost… Available “Late 2020”. Welcome Ford Mustang Mach E!

I have been waiting for this event for a very long time. As many of you know, Jon and I are huge fans of electric mobility. We both preordered the Tesla Model 3 without even sitting in one, years before the car was even available. We both love our cars. Check out our YouTube channel for more on that! Naturally, the sooner there are more electric car options on the road the better. Anyone that says this is a “Tesla Killer” is uneducated with regard to how the free market economy works. Having a large auto company like Ford join the transition to sustainable transportation, is a great thing for Tesla, and for consumers in general. Competition in the market means more options for consumers, which ultimately brings the price of the technology down. This is a win for everyone and by no means will bring Tesla down.

Talk about Hype

The Ford Mustang Mach E event was primarily hosted by Idris Elba. The event began with a brief history of the Ford Mustang. It was pretty exciting to say the least. The history of the Ford Mustang is one that has almost been unchallenged since the original 1965 Mustang – Ford likes to call it: The Ultimate Sports Car.

Bill Ford took the stage to discuss his plans and goals for the project, code name Edison. One of the things he mentioned was his hesitation about messing with the Mustang. He said the most important thing was that the true DNA of the Mustang was not messed with. It had to be fast, fun, and provide freedom. It also had to prove that it had the soul of the Mustang.

Electric Mustang Interior

After the initial drives by some famous car enthusiasts, (Ken Block and friends), they showed the interior. The infotainment system is a vertical display similar in size to that of the Tesla Model S/X. It appears they also have a physical knob a the bottom of the screen as well. Strangely, they didn’t say anything about it. There is an added bonus of a display behind the steering wheel. The vertical screen in the middle is not my favorite iteration, as I much prefer the landscape aspect ratio, after experiencing both in the Model 3 and Model S. Though the user interface does look pretty nice. It is almost completely touch interface with the exception of a few steering wheel controls and that circular knob at the bottom of the screen. I also noticed that Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both included. That is exciting for sure. Voice commands are also available with the option of saying “Okay Ford” rather than a physical button to activate voice commands. I wish the Model 3 had that… Maybe in a future update.

Just before the unveiling, they decided to hype things up with a choir… a bit strange if you ask me, but hey… to each their own.

What a Beauty

Finally the car hit the stage, and it looked… pretty sweet. I thought I knew what it was going to look like from the spy photos, but I was happy to see that the front end was nicer than expected. The rear was exactly what was expected, which is not a bad thing, but also not my favorite. That tends to happen to me when I see a new design sometimes. I am sure I will come to like it the more I look at it. I did notice that the interior pillars are a bit thick which does take away visibility. There is indeed a frunk. It appears to be larger than the Model 3 Frunk, which is expected since it’s a crossover, but they did not say for sure

As expected there was a fast version and it goes by a familiar name: Mustang Mach E GT. You could tell the difference by the greyed out nose cone grill rather than the same color nose cone on the other versions. It also appeared to have a sportier body kit as well.

One thing that I actually hated was the charge port. It is on the driver side front quarter panel… and it’s HUGE. Really wish they would have tried to hide it like Tesla does.

Ford Mustang Mach E Specs:

Electric Mustang Specs

Range: 300 Miles with rear wheel drive option.

0-60: Under 4 seconds

DC Fast Charging: 47 miles in 10 minutes

Pricing by Trim:

Select: Est. MSRP Starting At $ 43,895

Premium: Est. MSRP Starting At$ 50,600

California Route 1: Est. MSRP Starting At $ 52,400

First Edition: Est. MSRP Starting At $ 59,900

GT: Est. MSRP Starting At $ 60,500

Mustang Mach E GT

One key thing to note about the new member of the Mustang family is the charging network. Ford already has many partners. They say the network is larger than that of any other manufacturer, 12500 public charging stations and growing. This is great news! It is exciting because although they made it seem like it was going to be exclusive to Ford, it is not. This network will be available for basically all electric cars which includes Tesla. This means that Tesla will soon have way more fast charging options.

They took some good notes about some of the best features that Tesla offers, such as the touch interface, the phone key, and the integrated app that helps you manage your car from anywhere in the world. Over-the-air software Updates were also mentioned as expected.

My Thoughts on the Ford Mustang Mach E

I was a little disappointed by how little detail about the car was actually given during the event, but still am excited to hear more about it as more details arrive. Even if you log onto their website, you will see that the 0-60 time is a “target”, and not an actual number yet. Surely this will change after more development of the vehicle and testing is completed. The event seemed more like a hype event to show off their design, than an actual unveiling. I do really like the design which is sporty, practical, and familiar. The reason I say it was more of a hype event was because they missed one very important detail… the price. I later found that pricing is broken down on their website. As soon as we know details such as their plans for production, and service, it will be a much more compelling product. These are details that do not seem important when you buy a new car, but really are game changers. I now this from experience with owning a Tesla Model 3. More on that at another time.

In my opinion, the Ford Mustang Mach E competes directly with the Tesla Model Y. I believe, it is arguably much better looking than the Model Y as well. The other advantage is that they will have the full $7,500 tax credits available. Tesla has already reached 200,000 electric car sales in the US which gets rid of the tax credit. Nonetheless, I am really excited to see new competitors in the electric vehicle space and am happy that Ford decided to take the first shot at taking on Tesla, GM, and other forward thinking key competitors in the auto industry.

Will I be Preordering the Mustang Mach E?

Am I going to pre-order a Ford Mustang Mach E like I did with the Tesla Model 3? Probably not. Why? Simply because there are way too many unknowns. I ordered my Model 3 because Tesla had already developed premium electric cars for years before. They already built the World’s best car ever, the Tesla Model S (According to Motor Trend Magazine). Tesla‘s 2013 Model S sedan was awarded the best of the cars that have won the publication’s car-of-the-year award in the last 70 years. It is considered one of the most prestigious honors in the automotive industry. Yes, Ford has made some electric cars in the past. Nothing notable in my opinion. My sister drove a Ford Focus Electric and let me use it a few times. It was… neat. It looked like a Ford Focus, and you plugged it into the garage… but 70 miles of range?? I mean really? All of that being said, the most import reason I will not be preordering the car, is because I have got to see the new Tesla Cybertruck event on Thursday first! More on that soon!

All opinions expressed above are my own. They are based off what I learned from the Ford Mustang Mach E unveiling, and from my real life experiences with driving and owning electric vehicles. All images courtesy of the Ford Website.